Black Hills Property

The 100% owned Black Hills Property is situated just 7 km east-northeast of Stewart BC, along the edge of the retreating Cambria Icefield. The 1252 Ha property is primarily underlain by argillite rocks of the Middle Jurassic Salmon River and andesitic rocks of the Unuk River Formation.

The two main mineral occurrences on the Property are past producers of high-grade lead-zinc-silver, named the Black Hills and Blue Grouse. Sorted ore production from both totaled 53 tonnes (from 1930, 1935 and 1983), and graded an average of 1.17 g/t gold, 5658 g/t silver, 16.1% lead, 2.92% zinc and 0.41 % copper.

The mineral occurrences consist of steeply dipping, narrow quartz-sulphide veins hosted in diorite and argillite. Recent grab sampling from the dump pile of a north-trending adit on the property included a sample that returned 1.3 g/t gold, 4080 g/t silver, 0.36 % copper, 11 % lead, and 17.1 % zinc.